We are pleased to announce the following are awarded the Marine Science Research and Development Programme (MSRDP) funding:

Award No.
PI Host Institution
 Partner Institution
Project Title
Research Thrust
Dr Bae SungwooNUS
 Development of a mobile microfluidic platform for in situ and real-time
monitoring of microbial pollutants in ballast water
MSRDP-P03 Dr Huang Danwei NUS NTU Adaptation and resilience of coral reefs to environmental change in Singapore.
Dr Ooi Seng KeatNUS
NTUBiota effects on the environment: an impact source neglected in EIAsEIM
MSRDP-P05 Dr Peter Todd NUS
Ecologically engineering Singapore’s seawalls to enhance biodiversity
MSRDP-P07 Dr Serena Teo NUS   Tropical Model Marine Organisms for Experimental Marine Science
MSRDP-P08 Dr Ooi Seng Keat NUS   A cross-discipline user-focused data management platform for data collected under the Marine Science Research & Developmental Program
MSRDP-P11 A/P Nathalie Goodkin NTU   Physical and biogeochemical effects of sediment transport on coral reefs
MSRDP-P12A/P Scott A. Rice
Microbially Induced CorrosionMTP
MSRDP-P13 A/P Federico Lauro NTU NUS Understanding the viral composition of phytoplankton blooms in Singapore coastal waters
MSRDP-P15 Dr Tan Lik Tong NIE NUS, NTU
Genomic and Metabolomic Approach to the Discovery of Functional Metabolites from Marine Actinomycetes
MSRDP-P18Dr Henning Seedorf
TLLNUSCODEFISH-SG: Building a foundation for a unified marine biodiversity knowledge base by analyzing Singapore’s marine ichthyofauna using morphological and molecular tools
MSRDP-P19Prof Byrappa VenkateshA*STAR (IMCB)NUS, RP
Population-genomic and habitat study of horseshoe crabs of SingaporeMEB
MSRDP-P20A/P Mandar Chitre
NUS Passive Acoustic Monitoring of Coral Reef Ecosystem HealthMTP
MSRDP-P21Prof Christina Chai
  Towards the design and development of a prototype device for real-time monitoring of algal toxins via biomimetic chemical sensorsMTP
MSRDP-P22Prof Alex IpNUSNIEMolecular biology of inorganic carbon absorption, transport and assimilation in the fluted giant clam, Tridacna squamosaMEB
Dr Tan Koh SiangNUS Biodiversity of Marine Mussels (Bivalvia - Mytilidae) In Southeast AsiaMEB, EIM
MSRDP-P28A/Prof Wu Ping
SUTDNUSEffect of strain-engineered superhydrophobicity on adhesion of marine organismsMTP
A/P Ali Miserez
NTU Bioinspired Liquid Infused Coatings to Prevent Marine Biofouling in the Tropical EnvironmentMTP
Dr Cao BinNTU Biodiversity and Bioprospecting of Magnetotactic Bacteria - An Overlooked Biotechnological Resource in the Tropical Marine Environment of Singapore
MSRDP-P32Dr Patrick Martin
NTU Ocean acidification in Singapore: assessing and monitoring the impact of peatland-derived dissolved organic carbon on the seawater carbonate systemEIM
MSRDP-P33Prof Stefan WuertzNTU Microbe-sediment interactions in the coastal marine environment: fate and transport of pathogens relevant to health and farmingEIM, CEE
Discovery of antimicrobials from marine micro-algae for biofilm infection controlMTP

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The following has been awarded funding under the MSRDP Strategic Initiatives and Coordination budget:

MSRDP-P35: Dr Serena Teo, NUS - “Explore” - Marine Science Student Research Grants
MSRDP-P36: A/P Lai Yee Hing, NUS - Marine Science R&D Programme (MSRDP) Overseas Programme Award
MSRDP-P37: Dr Ho Shen Yong, NTU - Marine Science R&D Programme (MSRDP) Overseas Programme Award
MSRDP-P38: Dr Huang Danwei, NUS - Genetic diversity and connectivity across the Indo-Pacific Coral Triangle
MSRDP-P39: Dr Serena Teo, NUS- Assessment Of Impact Of The Invasive Mussel Mytella Strigata In Singapore
MSRDP-P40: Dr Ooi Seng Keat, NUS- Marine EnvironmenTal Information System (METIS) Maintenance
MSRDP-P41: Dr Frank Rheindt, NUS - The Impact of Quaternary Climate Change on Horseshoe Crab Populations in the Sunda Shelf
MSRDP-P42: A/P Mandar Chitre, NUS - Acoustic Monitoring of Arctic Melt rates
MSRDP-P43: Dr Jani Tanzil, NUS - Beyond the Horizon: An Integrated Concept Plan for St John’s Island
MSRDP-P44: Ms Youna Lyons, NUS - Feasibility study for the development of a Knowledge Organisation System of marine environmental data for Southeast Asia to support implementation of marine environmental law and policy
MSRDP-P45: Prof Stefan Wuertz, NTU - Prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) in marine sediments along the Johor Straits of Singapore
MSRDP-P46: Dr Ooi Seng Keat, NUS - An Enhanced Bathymetry for Oceanographic Research and Applications
MSRDP-P47: Dr Huang Danwei, NUS - Genomic analysis of the sea skater Halobates

Photos courtesy of Prof Peter Ng & Dr. Tan Heok Hui