1. 11 June 2021: Young Marine Scientist Symposium (YMSS) 
  2. 13 Jan 2021: SG Biodiversity special organised by Channel News Asia (CNA) demonstrating how eco-engineering can help in conservation 
  3. 19 Jun 2020: International Symposium on Current Research on Asian Horseshoe Crabs in conjunction with the first International Horseshoe Crab Day.
  4. 21 Jun 2020: International Webinar of Asian Horsesehoe Crab Conservation 2020
  5. 26 May 2020: : Talk by Dr Stephen Summers on “Engineered Seawalls: How does seawall material influence their biofilm.” As part of the SingJams Microbiology Seminar Series, Singapore.
  6. 21 Jan 2020: Public Seminar on Phase-Resolved Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Random Waves on Large Scale by Dr Jinghua Wang, Research Fellow in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. 
  7. 9-10 Jan 2020: Republic polytechnic open house showcased the horseshoe crab project to the public, explaining the tagging equipment and relevance to the project 
  8. 9 Jan 2020: Public Seminar on Effects Of Flexible Coastal Vegetation On Waves in Water Of  Intermediate Depth by –Mr Jie Hu, PhD candidate in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at NUS 
  9. 28 Nov 2019: Lecture was given to 43 RP students on Wildlife Ecology & Conservation of Horseshoe Crabs
  10. 24 Oct 2019 Talk on Developing an integrated database for marine science – MeTIS by Dr Ooi SK
  11. 22 Oct 2019 MSRDP Harmful Algal Bloom Workshop 22 Oct 2019 for 26 participants from School of Science and Technology, Singapore by Prof Christina Chai and Dr Sandric Leong
  12. 21 Oct 2019: Fireside chat: Can Plastics to Fuel Technology mitigate the plastics waste problem. RVRC Multipurpose Hall. Organised in collaboration with RVRC (NUS), Coca Cola, GA Circular & Engco. 40 pax participants.
  13. 18 Oct 2019: Public Seminar on Machine Learning and Neural Networks by – Dr Heng XIAO, Assistant Professor in the Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering at Virginia Tech 
  14. 17 Oct 2019: Public Seminar on Turbulence Modeling in the Age of Data: From Data Assimilation to Machine Learning by Dr Heng XIAO, Assistant Professor in the Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering at Virginia Tech
  15. 9 Oct 2019: Public Seminar on Circular Port Construction in Singapore: Making ‘Unsuitables’ Suitable in Tuas Terminal Phase II by Ms Jamie Lescinski, senior engineering manager at Boskalis 
  16. 28 Sep 2019. Approximately 70 beneficiaries from Woodlands Social Centre, Pacific Activity Centre and Anglican Senior Centre learnt about horseshoe crab conservation.
  17. 24 Sep 2019: Public Seminar on Using porous Layers as a passive Motion Damping System for Floating Wind Turbine Platforms - Ms Anna Feichtner, PhD student at the University of Exeter 
  18. 14 September 2019: A*STAR and the Singapore Science Centre's Xperiment! @ One North Festival
  19. 30 Aug 2019: Public Seminar - Prof Tso-Ren Wu, Associate Vice President for International Affairs and Associate Professor at the National Central University (Taiwan), on Numerical modeling on the development of 3D local scours under the interaction between wave, current, and structures.
  20. 23 Aug 2019: Public Seminar - Prof David Zhu, professor at the University of Alberta on Air-water Flow in Hydraulic Engineering.
  21. 30 Jul 2019: Seakeepers Educational Outreach Programme, Nan Hua Secondary School – Coral research and promoting conservation in Singapore
  22. 2, 16, 23, 29 August 2019: Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum and St. John's Island National Marine Laboratory's Marine Conservation Programme, Marine Exploration Day Camps
  23. 29 June 2019 Young Marine Science Symposium (150 pax)  included presentation by Yip Yong Jie "Retention and toxicity of nanoplastics particles in marine invertebrate larvae:  a study using planktonic larvae of Amphibalanus amphrite and Spirobranchus sp
  24. 29 Jun 2019: Talk on "Enhancing our coastal defence structures through coral transplantation" at the Young Marine Scientist Symposium
  25. 14 Jun 2019: Public Seminar - Dr Tom Shand, consultant from Tonkin + Taylor and senior lecturer at the University of Auckland on Approaches to Coastal Design in Remote Locations: Zero maintenance designs and hand-built protection works.
  26. 5 June 2019: Marine Science and Thermodynamics workshop
  27. 9 May 2019: Public Seminar -Interaction of periodic waves with floating vegetation by Ms Jiang Yun,NUS
  28. 12-13 April 2019: Horseshoe crab booth set up at the Asia Dive Expo to raise awareness about horseshoe crab conservation. Estimated 200 pax visited the booth. 
  29. 12 April 2019: Teh Tarik Talk with Prof Chen Tsuhan (DPRT) - Coral transplantation
  30. 4 Apr 2019: Public Seminar - Dr Chen Hao, our colleague from NUS on Nonlinear wave forcing and scattering on a fixed FPSO-shaped body driven by phase-focused wave groups.
  31. 21 March 2019: Public Seminar on Artificial shorelines creating oases in an intertidal desert by Prof Gray Williams, The Swire Institute of Marine Science and School of Biological Sciences, The University of Hong Kong
  32. 21 March 2019: Public Seminar on The future of a monsoonal tropical marine ecosystem under climate change by Dr Bayden Russell, The Swire Institute of Marine Science and School of Biological Sciences, The University of Hong Kong 
  33. 19 March 2019: Talk on "Global warming and recurrent mass bleaching of corals" by Prof Andrew H. Baird, JCU.
  34. 16 March 2019: Celebrating Singapore Shores at Berlayar Creek
  35. 12 Mar 2019 : Sharing at Kranji Secondary School on the MSRDP-P19 project and need for conservation efforts of the horseshoe crab to 50 secondary school students
  36. 8 March 2019. “Fate and toxicology of micro- and nanoplastics in real world scenarios” by Dr Ana Isabel Caterino Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
  37. 7 Mar 2019: Public seminar on “Nonlinear analysis of bore-shaped waves from wave-flume experiments” by Mr. Sebastian Ujvary, from Technische Universität Braunschweig
  38. 1 March 2019: Marine Plastics Workshop conducted for 30 students from School of Science and Technology, Singapore (SST) 1at SJINML 21 February 2019 MSRDP Mid-Term Symposium 
  39. 23-28 February 2019: Biodiversity of coral reefs and coral nursery at Pulau Bawah, Indonesia
  40. 11 February 2019.“Paradise trashed: sources and solutions to marine litter issue in French Polynesia” by Dr Scott Wilson Macquarie University, Department of Environmental Sciences, Macquarie, NSW, Australia.  
  41. 31 January 2019 - Lunch time talk on "Murky reefs are the past and the future in the Coral Triangle" by Nadia Santodomingo and Ken Johnson from Natural History Museum, London, UK.
  42. 10 to 12 Jan 2019: Republic polytechnic open house showcased our horseshoe crab project to the public, explaining about the tagging equipment and relevance to our project 
  43. 11 December 2018. “Microplastic Debris in Deep-Sea Canyon, Estuarine, and Shoreline Sediments” by Miss Ellie Jones, University of Oregon, USA. 
  44. 5-6 Dec 2018: Public seminar on “On Holo-Hilbert Spectral Analysis” and “On the Degree of Nonlinearity” by Prof. Norden E. Huang, from the Innovation Center and Data Analysis Laboratory of the Center for Nonlinear Sciences (QNLMST), Qingdao, China.
  45. 5 December 2018 SG-UK workshop was organised on behalf of NRF and British High Commission
  46. 5 to 7 December 2018: International Conference for Plastics in Marine Environment 
  47. 4 December 2018.“Perspectives from the Canadian Environmental Microplastics Facility” by Ms Rhiannon Moore, OceanWise Canada.
  48. 28 to 29 November 2018: Marine Conservation in Southeast Asia Workshop
  49. 21 November 2018: Lecture on Wildlife Ecology & Conservation of Horseshoe Crabs at Republic
  50. 12 November 2018: Raffles Girls’ Primary School Career Fair career booth on How to become a Marine Scientist
  51. 8 October - 2 November 2018 : Internship programme for Cedar Girls' Gap Month 2018. Mentorship of interns, Chelsea Ku and Carina Ysha Paqueo Cangco, with the processing of reef cores. Mentors: Ambert Ang and Samuel Chan.
  52. 6 October 2018: 11th Anniversary Eco-Exhibition & Coral Garden exhibition booth where VIPs and guests learnt about coral gardening and coral transplantation on seawalls  from Dr Toh Tai Chong, Mr Kikuzawa and Ms Lee Yen Ling
  53. 24 October 2018.Careers talk “Marine habitats and threats in Singapore” L. S. M. Ying, P. Shantti for Meridian Primary School, Singapore.
  54. 27 Sep 2018.Neo Mei Lin. The Big Problem of Microplastics, Guest Panelist. Organised by Wildtype Media Group and City Development Limited. 
  55. 9 Sep 2018: Videography for Student Learning Space (SLS) – using data-loggers for coral research at SJINML, TMSI
  56. 28 August 2018 : Talk on "Makassar Strait Throughflow, 2004-2017" by Professor Arnold L. Gordon.
  57. 23 Aug 2018: Seakeepers Educational Outreach Programme, Changkat Changi Secondary School – Coral research and promoting conservation in Singapore
  58. 25 July 2018 Talk by Prof Richard Thompson on "Marine Litter: Are there solutions to this global environmental problem?"
  59. 16 July 2018 Talk by Dr Ruth Thurstan on "A blast from the past: using historical approaches to explore long-term changes in marine fisheries"
  60. 2 to 3 June 2018: Booth on Conservation of Horseshoe Crabs at Festival of biodiversity
  61. 1 June 2018 Talk by A/Prof Oren Levy on "Cnidarians: Eat, Pray, Love"
  62. 25 May 2018: Booth on consequences of plastic pollution on horseshoe crab habitats at World Oceans Day, S.E.A Aquarium 
  63. 14 May 2018 : Talk on "Corals as natural archives of the past" by Jani Tanzil at Pint of Science Singapore. 
  64. 31 May 2018: Public seminar on"Developments in tsunami hydrodynamics 2011-2018 by Prof. Costas Synolakis, from University of Southern California.
  65. 8 May 2018 : Public seminar on "Recent advance of deriving vegetation drag coefficient and modelling wave-vegetation interaction" by Prof. Zhan Hu, from the Institute of Estuarine and Coastal Research, School of Marine Science, Sun Yat-sen University (SYSU)
  66. 27 April 2018 Talk by A/Prof Lawrence Liao, Hiroshima University
  67. 26 April 2018 : Public seminar on "Inferences of tsunami characteristics from deposits". by Prof. Robert Weiss, from VPI (Virginia Tech)
  68. 22 April 2018: Booth on Conservation of Horseshoe Crabs at the Family Aqua Carnival
  69. 6 to 9 April 2018: Booth on Conservation of Horseshoe Crabs at the Asia Dive Expo 2018
  70. 4 April 2018 : Sharing by Sudhanshi Jain on Marine Science at KK Women's and Children's Hospital. Received about 50 visitors.
  71. 27 Mar 2018 : RP's talk at Kranji Secondary School which includes sharing of the MSRDP-P19 project on conservation  efforts of the horseshoe crab for 70 secondary students
  72. 24 March 2018: Sustainable Blue Spaces
  73. 17 March 2018: Activity and information booth on marine chemistry, jointly by the groups of Drs Patrick Martin, Adam Switzer, and Nathalie Goodkin
  74. 17-18 March 2018: "The Fun Odyssea", International Year of the Reef 2018 Community Launch Event 
  75. 13 March 2018 : Talk on "Marine ecosystems and climate change in Southeast Asia" by Huang Danwei at Climate Change and Law of the Sea, CIL.
  76. 10 March 2018 : Talk on "Corals as natural archives of the past" by Dr Jani Tanzil at Marine Open House, LKCNHM
  77. 9 March 2018: 2 Invited guest lectures by Dr Lucinda Doyle at the Tanglin Trust School for International Baccalaureate & A level students on "High Pressure Microbiology"
  78. 2 March 2018 : Intertidal guiding at Pulau Hantu. for undergraduate students 
  79. 13 Feb 2018 : Talk on "Innovation in biological interfaces for emerging industrial and health challenges
  80. 26 February 2018: Exxon-Mobil workshop for NTU researchers and Exxon Mobil team leaders on "Microbially influenced corrosion and biofouling" by A/P Scott Rice
  81. 8-9 February 2018 : Marine enrichment lecture and activity at Anglo-Chinese Junior College's Science and Math Council recruitment event.
  82. 2 Feb 2018: Public seminar on "Surf and Swash flows generated by Transient Long Waves”. by Mr. Ignacio Barranco, from NUS
  83. 2 February 2018 :  "Beyond the water's edge", a TEDx talk at UWC Dover by Dr Elizabeth Heery, NUS 
  84. 2 February 2018 :  'Floating classroom' session, a programme by Seakeepers Asia where local students learn about marine biodiversity on board vessels.
  85. 1 February 2018 - Intertidal guiding at St John's Island (Sisters' Islands Marine Park) for undergraduate students
  86. 30 Jan 2018: Public seminar on "Climate-Change Impacts on Chicago Urban Heat Island: Dynamical Downscaling to Pedestrian and Building Scales"by Dr. Patrick Conry, from University of Notre Dame.
  87. 26 January 2018 :  'Floating classroom' session, a programme by Seakeepers Asia where local students learn about marine biodiversity on board vessels. 
  88. 19 January 2018 : Talk on "Improvement of prevention and response capability against Tsunami" by Prof Taro Arikawa, CU
  89. 4th to 6th Jan 2018 : Sharing with the public at the Republic Poly Open House how RP-DMAC is playing a part in horsehoe crab conservation efforts through its MSRDP-P19 project and what they have learnt
  90. 17 December 2017:  Talk on "Exploring the roles of microbial communities in the marine environment" by A/P Scott Rice at the SJINML Anniversary held at St John’s Island for Marine Science interested researchers and public
  91. 12 December 2017 : Talk on "The role of microbes in coral reef health and disease processes" by Dr David Bourne, JCU
  92. 27 to 29 Nov 2017 : 1st Singapore-Hong Kong Hard Shore Ecology Workshop
  93. 16 November 2017 : Talk on "Quest for the Ruby Seadragon" by Prof Greg Rouse, SIO
  94. 31 October 2017 : 'Floating classroom' session, a programme by Seakeepers Asia where local students learn about marine biodiversity on board vessels. 
  95. 26 Oct 2017 : WWF-Singapore’s Brown Bag Lunch by Dr Neo Mei Lin on  “Marine conservation in Urban
  96. Singapore”, organised by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Singapore. 
  97. 19 October 2017 :  Talk on "Plastics in our Environment" by Prof Suresh Valiyaveetil, NUS 
  98. 13 Oct 2017 : Seminar presentation for students from Greenview Secondary School. “To Sea or not to Sea squirt” by Serina Lee.  Organised by SJINML Outreach.
  99. 19 to 24 September 2017 : Visit to National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium by Dr Loo Poh Leong and Lee Yen-ling, a reciprocal visit to both institutions to share best practices on coral culture where our scientists facilitated knowledge exchange between researchers as well as interacted with the public in Taiwan.
  100. 14 September 2017 : Talk on "Eco-engineering: design with nature" by Dr Louise Firth, PU
  101. 29 August 2017 : SustainABLE NUS Showcase 2017
  102. 24 August 2017 : Talk on "Numerical modelling for coastal and offshore developments" by Dr Stefan Leschka, DHI
  103. 22 August 2017 : Talk on "Waves and wave-driven flow over reefs" by Prof Stephen Monismith, Stanford
  104. 11 August 2017 : Talk on "The Future of the Oceans" by Dr Patrick Martin, NTU
  105. 20 July 2017: Impacts of climate change on biological systems by Dr Huang Danwei at the NJC Bio-Geog Inter-Disciplinary Seminar on Climate Change, seminar hosted by National Junior College.
  106. 7 July 2017 : Talk on "Natural history of the Kimberley coral reefs" by Giada Bufarale, CU 
  107. 5 to 7 July 2017 : Cnidarian Culture Workshop (sessions by Lee Yen-ling)
  108. 29 Jun 2017 : Talk on "ReefBudget: a census based evaluation of coral reef carbonate budgets" by Dr Fraser Januchowski-Hartley, MARBEC
  109. 27 & 28 May 2017 : Craft workshop at the Festival of Biodiversity.
  110. 18 May 2017 : Talk at the Canadian International School by A/Prof Peter Todd, NUS
  111. 1 April 2017 : Intertidal guiding at Sister's Island for undergraduate students 
  112. 18 Mar 2017 : Talk by Dr Neo Mei Lin on "Marine Conservation in Singapore" at the Marine Open House @ Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum.
  113. 11 March 2017 : Talk at NUS Open Day by A/Prof Peter Todd, NUS
  114. 23 January 2017 : Talk on "Evolution of vortex structure from separated boundary layer during run-down motion of solitary wave propagating over very steep beach" by Prof Cheng Lin, NCHU
  115. 7 December 2016 : Talk on "Conserving marine biodiversity through the lens of evolutionary and ecological history" by Huang Danwei at iDiv, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research.
  116. 16 November 2016 : International Workshop on Eco-shoreline Designs for Sustainable Coastal Development