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21 February 2019 MSRDP Mid-Term Symposium

The MSRDP Mid-Term Symposium held on 21 February 2019 at the NUS University Town, CREATE Tower Theatrette drew a crowd of 120 comprising of researchers, students and members of the community. There were 21 talks and 34 posters presented comprising of talks by:
  1. Dr Kyle Morgan: Physical and biogeochemical effects of sediment transport on coral reefs (P-11)
  2. Dr Caroline Chénard: Viral dynamics in aquatic systems: tales from Singapore coastal waters (P-13)
  3. Dr Tay Ywee Chieh: CODEFISH-SG: Building a foundation for a unified marine biodiversity knowledge base by analyzing Singapore’s marine ichthyofauna using morphological & molecular tools (P-18)
  4. Dr Tang Qian: Population genomics of two horseshoe crab species in Singapore (P-19)
  5. Prof Ip Yuen Kwong: Host's carbon concentration mechanism to supply inorganic carbon to its symbionts in the giant clam, Tridacna squamosa (P-22)
  6. Dr Ben Wainwright: Coral connectivity in Singapore. (P-03)
  7. Dr Eliza Heery & Dr Lynette Loke: Key ecology and complex habitats on seawalls (P-05)
  8. Wong Pui Yee: Muddying the waters – wakes (P-04)
  9. Zhou Yongli: Seasonal changes in the carbon biogeochemical cycling in the Singapore Strait (P-32)
  10. Dr Maria Yung: Microbe-sediment interactions in the coastal marine environment (P-33)
  11. A/P Scott Rice: Microbially induced corrosion (P-12)
  12. Choo Heng Kek: METIS (P-08)
  13. Marshall Ong & Zaara: Integrated-omic approach to the discovery of functional metabolites from marine microbes (P-15 & P-34)
  14. Dr Too Yuen Min: Passive acoustic monitoring of coral reef ecosystem health (P-20)
  15. Dr Bae Sung Woo: Rapid and in-situ detection of fecal indicator bacteria in water using simple DNA extraction and portable loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) PCR methods (P-01)
  16. A/P Suresh Valiyaveettil: Potential marine environmental impact of microplastic particles (P-07)
  17. Tan Boon Teoh: Effect of strain-engineered hydrophobicity on adhesion of marine organisms (P-28)
  18. Prof Christina Chai: Towards the development of chemical sensing methods for the detection of algal toxins (P-21)
  19. Dr Tan Shi Ming: Biodiversity and bioprospecting of magnetotactic bacteria - An overlooked biotechnological resource in the tropical marine environment of Singapore (P-30)
  20. Dr Snehasish Basu: Slippery coating to combat marine biofouling (P-29)
and posters:
  1. Mysteries of the Reefs: Using molecular approaches to unravel reef history and diversity (P-03)
  2. Decadal scale reconstruction on the  nutrient supply to the Singapore Straits (P-03)
  3. Experimental ecology of the coral holobiont (P-03)
  4. A new method for sub-annual fluorescence measurements of coral skeleton: relationship between skeletal luminescence and terrestrial humic-like substances (P-03)
  5. Modelling surface temperature of granite seawalls in Singapore (P-05)
  6. Alkaline phosphatase activity of Singapore's reefs waters and corals (P-11)
  7. The Monsoon Season Affects the Microbial Community Structure of Singapore Coastal Waters (P-13)
  8. Retention of nanoplastic particles in marine invertebrate larvae  (P-13)
  9. Metabolomic and Genomic Approaches in Drug Discovery from Marine Microbial Sources in Singapore. (P-15)   
  10. Molecular Approach to Identify Singapore’s Marine Fishes (P-18)   
  11. The uptake and assimilation of Ci for shell formation in the whitish inner mantle of Tridacna squamosa (P-22)   
  12. Biodiversity and Bioprospecting of Magnetotactic Bacteria - An Overlooked Biotechnological Resource in the Tropical Marine Environment of Singapore (P-30)   
  13. Bio-optical dynamics in the Singapore Strait (P-32)
  14. Seawater chemical analysis for biogeochemical observations in Singapore (P-32)
  15. Decay of Tenacibaculum maritimum and fecal indicator organisms in sediment-water microcosms (P-33)
  16. What lies beneath - a glimpse of microbial communities of tropical marine sediments in Johor Straits (P-33)
  17. Culturing marine sediment isolates – an important step towards understanding marine microbial biodiversity (P-33)
  18. Spread of invasive charru mussel Mytella strigata around Singapore shores (P-39)