Conference Presentations

  • Mechanical properties of Porites corals reveal large variability across environments in Asia. Moynihan, M., Amini, S., Tanzil. T., Chua, I. J. Q., Fabbro, G., Fan, T. Y., Schmidt, D. N., Miserez, A. G. T., Goodkin, N. F. Ocean Sciences (2018), USA.

  • Supervised classification of short DNA fragments reveals the existence of light-dark oscillations during infection of phytoplankton by viruses. Enzo Acerbi, Caroline Chenard, Stephan C Schuster, Federico M Lauro. BIOINFORMATICS 2018 (2018), Portugal - Won best paper award

  • Using portable DNA Sequencers for rapid and precise characterization of phytoplankton blooms (2017). Christaline George, Caroline Chénard, Sek-Man Wong, Chee Yew Leong, Scott Rice, Diane McDougald, Patrick Martin, Guillaume Drillet, Aurore Trottet, Simone M. Low, Federico Lauro. Asia-Pacific Aquaculture conference, Malaysia.
  • Molecular Methods for Coastal Monitoring and Biological Control of Phytoplankton Blooms (2017). Federico Lauro. Global Marine Science Summit Coastal Resilience and the Blue Economy, USA.
  •  Phylogenomics of corals: the potential of transcriptomes in bait design for target DNA enrichment. Quek, Z.B.R., S.S. Jain, M.L. Neo, D. Huang (2017). 22nd Biological Sciences Graduate Congress, Singapore, oral presentation.

  • Dynamics of coral–macroalgal interactions on Singapore’s heavily impacted reef systems. Jenny, A.G. Bauman, P.A. Todd (2017). 22nd Biological Sciences Graduate Congress, Singapore, oral presentation.